Fleet Tracking

Monitor the times and movements of your fleet in real time in a simple and intuitive way.

Increase fleet productivity by better controlling your operation.

fleet tracking

Follow fleet activities in a interactive grid e customizable.

Extract more value from your investment

Have our unified messaging center with voice and text communication with your drivers at your disposal.
Management by exception through customized alerts that trigger whenever something is outside the configured parameters.
Use our video monitoring system with artificial intelligence to monitor signs of fatigue in your drivers.


Solution approved by insurers as the main equipment for cargo risk

A security e connectivity that your operation needs.

Digital transformation

Digitize fleet processes and accelerate your company's digital transformation.

Trigger personalized text messages based on vehicle activity

More transparency and professionalism for the customer. Greater productivity for your fleet!

Working hours control

Control drivers' journeys easily via the driver app

Complete system that increases security legal for the company

Control the driver's journey simply and semi-automatically.

Video monitoring

Excellence in Fleet Safety

5 Advantages of Video Monitoring


Optimize routes and reduce your operation's carbon footprint.

Get access to a complete routing solution and reduce your fleet's carbon emissions by up to 30%.

Review the routes created in a responsive timeline.

Create routes considering the multiple operational constraints

Advanced Routing Options

Driving Behavior

The ultimate solution for gamifying the driving behavior of your fleet's drivers.

Reduction of up to 20% in the fleet's carbon footprint

Main benefits of the solution

A fleet management solution developed for smartphones

Download our app now and revolutionize your fleet management

Sensors Bluetooth

Fewer wires and more flexibility to control load conditions

Bluetooth BLE technology with internal battery life of up to 5 years. Simple, wireless installation.

Ideal for temperature control e cargo humidity refrigerated and frozen.