We are a team dedicated to revolutionizing fleet management with the use of smartphones and AI

who we are


FleetDesk was born from the dream of revolutionizing the fleet telematics industry using an extremely powerful tool that is already in the hands of our drivers: the smartphone.

We believe that the use of smartphones in fleet management is a path of no return and we want to lead this revolution. With an eye to the peculiarities of the Latin American market, we directly face critical and specific challenges such as cargo theft.

FleetDesk's mission is to enable access to advanced technology for fleets of varying sizes:

* To boost logistical efficiency and reduce operating costs, thus promoting sustainable economic growth in the regions where we operate;

* Minimize carbon emissions and the environmental impact associated with the transport of goods and services;

* Significantly reduce the accident rate and the death rate on the roads.

To drive this technological transformation and recognizing that cutting-edge technology requires localized technical support, we have adopted a business model based on collaboration with authorized resellers throughout Latin America. We invite you to join us in this innovative endeavor. For more information or to establish a partnership, please contact us at [email protected]

Together, we can chart a new horizon for mobility and fleet safety in Latin America!