Simple, Effective and Revolutionary

The driver's cell phone is the newest tracker for your fleet.

FleetMate: The bluetooth connection between the driver's cell phone and the vehicles in your fleet.

Our device with patented technology converts the driver's smartphone into a sophisticated safety and telemetry system for your fleet.

The Definitive Solution for Hiring e Management of Independent Drivers and self-employed


Understand why FleetDesk will revolutionize your fleet management

Guaranteed Connectivity

A solution developed for 5G. Be ready for the decommissioning of the 2G (GPRS) network and guarantee the evolution of your fleet's connectivity. 

Seasonal Fleet Control

Gain greater visibility and control over your seasonal fleet. Reduce the costs of installing, uninstalling and integrating trackers used by self-employed drivers. 

Intuitive interface

Simple and intuitive interface, designed to make it easier for your employees to adopt and reduce the need for training. 

No Loyalty and No Fines

No more complicated contracts with loyalty and abusive penalties. Flexible license-based contracts, pay only when your fleet is active. 

Less costs and downtime

Reduce downtime and the cost of installing, maintaining and replacing vandalized trackers in your fleet. 

Security and scalability

A scalable platform on Amazon AWS. We meet the security requirements of the COBIT/ITIL standards and the various data protection laws.

Our Solutions

The power of the smartphone applied to fleet management

Our proprietary algorithm creates optimized routes resulting in time savings, reduced fuel consumption, cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Digital forms, low-delivery document scanning and SMS triggering in a single solution. 

Traceability and quality control in the transportation of medicines, food and refrigerated cargo in general.

Uma solução de gestão de frotas desenvolvida para smartphones

Baixe agora nosso app e revolucione a gestão da sua frota

Architecture of
Open API

A fleet management solution built on the concept of an open API for developers. 

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